Supporting Families

Business People Sitting Around TableWe can help your family!

Many family and friends of addicts come to recovery groups desperately searching for help and answers. The Center for Christian Broadcasting, Inc. works to provide help, hope and freedom to family members and friends who are seeking greater understanding of the problems as well as tools to help them cope with their everyday challenges.

Family and friends of addicts often suffer as much or more physically and psychologically as the addicts themselves. They can get caught up in the behavioral crises of addicts in ways which affects their own behavior as well as their own physical and mental health.

Moreover, they may find their well-meaning actions may further alienate the person and cause additional problems in their relationships. Living with an addict is incredibly stressful. The advice and support of others who have faced or continue to face this situation, is critical to helping you help yourself and your loved one.

Many have found invaluable information in understanding themselves and their addicted spouse, by speaking directly to recovering addicts. This is generally possible in an appropriate recovery group for spouses and friends of addicts. Please contact us for ideas and suggestions on how to become healthy yourself as you attempt to cope with the stress of an addicted partner.