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The Center for Christian Broadcasting offers a variety of video products designed for use in your Church, Bible Class, Study Group or even as a resource for your own personal studies. Whether you are looking for help to become a better parent, to better understanding the stories of the Bible or help someone who is suffering from an addiction to pornography, we have resources that can help! Check out our wide variety of video resources below.


MT 6x4As you probably know, every second of every day, there are over 28 thousand Internet users viewing pornography. (1) First exposure to Internet pornography is at about age 8-11 with ages decreasing rapidly. (2) Over 50% of Christian men regularly view pornography (3) with roughly 9.3 million females viewing pornography every year. (4) To say the least, pornography is available everywhere to anyone who wants to view it.

The Mouse Trap DVD Series covers 18 lessons, is over 9 hours in length, and is and is written for those struggling with addiction, their families, and for use along with a trained therapist.

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The Mouse Trap Workbook

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To order, visit our Addictions page on the Center for Christian Broadcasting website.

We also have various Bible Study and Evangelism DVD series and Growing Up/Dating DVD series on our Center for Christian Broadcasting website.