Help, Hope, Freedom

We Fight Porn is an arm of the Center for Christian Broadcasting, Inc. based in Searcy, AR. Our goal is to provide help, hope and freedom to those who are struggling with pornography and other sexual addictions and to their families.

How We Help

  • Seminars
  • Video series
  • Counseling
  • Weekend intensives
  • Training for leaders


We can come in and make a difference in the lives of individuals and families blighted by addictions.


We provide counseling aimed at resolving the underlying trauma issues.


We help spouses and friends of addicts find a recovery group.


We provide tools to help you make a difference in the life of your clients.

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The Mousetrap Video Series

In this series, 14 therapists are interviewed, along with another 14 men and women who are recovering addicts and/or their spouses. Eighteen lessons, on 8 DVDs, with a total time of about 10 hours, explore the issues, causes and heartbreaks of this addiction. However, hope is also expressed with suggestions, guidelines and insight from professionals as they give their best efforts in helping provide freedom from the mouse trap.